Truffle scallops

Truffle scallops

The recipe that I decided to show you today is always an easy and fairly quick second course, ideal for example for an unexpected dinner, with very common ingredients!

Ingredients : Slices of turkey or veal (turkey is advisable if you want an even more aesthetic result, given that being a white meat the black truffle stands out more), the kind of flour that you prefer, olive oil, onion, white wine, salt and Perigord black truffle! 

Procedure : First of all, heat a little of olive oil with the onion in a low, wide pan. When it is hot and the onion is browned enough, lay out the slices and cook them too on both sides, then add the white wine until it evaporates. Once the cream has formed, turn off the heat, add some salt and finish by grating the black truffle over the scallops as a final touch!

Enjoy your meal!


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