"Ciriole with truffle"

"Ciriole with truffle"

The recipe we will prepare today may seems obvious, but if not done with due care, it may not turn out well. We are talking about pasta with truffle, in this case Ciriole (an egg-free pasta, rough, so that the egg is not predominant and the pasta is nice and rough to allow the truffle to wrap the dish with its scent).

The ingredients you will need, as you can imagine, are few, as always easy to find and recurring in our recipes. Pasta water and flour (long type), garlic, olive oil, anchovies( for even more flavour!), salt and our beloved winter truffle Melanosporum. Let's proceed!

The procedure for this dish is very simple : Put some olive oil in a pan with a little garlic and anchovies. Let this seasoning dissolve a little and once the pasta is ready, toss it in the pan together with the ingredients. Finally, grate some good fresh truffle into the pan and mix everything together!

All you have to do now is enjoying this goodness!


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