"Truffle bruschette"

"Truffle bruschette"

This appetizer or aperitif is simple and quick but the result will be very satisfying if you follow these essential tips! Since this recipe won't take long, we can focus more on the preparation of the ingredients!

Bread : While bread usually simply accompanies a more or less rich dish, in this case it will be the base, so let's carafully choose the type we will use, so as not to ruin everything else! The advice is to use : 

  • Homemade, naturally leavened bred, which is more compact and is the optimal base for absorbing the oil and then flavoring it with the truffle, without crumbling. 
  • Cut it into slices of the right thickness. 
  • Brown it on the grill, on cast iron griddle or simply in a non-stick pan!

The truffle : In this period, as you well know, we have the black winter truffle, but if you have frozen uncinato or summer truffles they would be even better for bruschetta, and cheaper as well! To be at the top, make sure that the truffle you use is intact, homogeneous and hard at the right point. If fresh, use it as soon as possible, since as we know, truffles tend to lose their qualities over time. Store it in the fridge, without cleaning it, for a maximum of a week, roll it in kitchen paper closed in a container, changing the paper every day to prevent it from getting damp and ruined. 

Ingredients : Slices of homemade bread, truffle, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt to taste.

Procedure : 1)Clean the truffle,if fresh,under a jet of running water with a soft toothbrush and dry it well 2)Place a pan with oil and garlic on the heat 3)Grate the truffle 4)As soon as the garlic turns golden, remove it, pour in the grated truffle and season with salt 5)Mix and turn off the heat 6)Heat the grill/griddle/pan well, place the slices of bread on top and brown over medium heat (it will take a little for each side) and...

You are done!



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