Bianchetto truffle

Bianchetto truffle

The bianchetto truffle is a quality that can be found throughout Italy. As we might guess from the name, it is similar to the white truffle starting from its round but jagged shape, with protuberances too. It has a smooth surface and its feature is the dirty white colour. What it has in common with the black truffle is its moment of maximum maturation, which occurs in the month of March, hence also called the "marzuolo" truffle, in which it becomes dark both outside and inside. This type of truffle almost never reaches large dimensions. 

We could define this quality as "the poor cousin" of the white one, with which it is confused by the less experienced. In fact, it differs from the latter in its smell : more delicate at the beginning, with hints of garlic later. Above all the price distinguishes them considerably, as the witish one has a lower commercial value. The aroma and flavor, however, are less intense and more pungent.

Harvest period : 15 January - 15 April 


The Whitish truffle, like all the other truffles, need to be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in absorbent kitchen paper (it is advisable to change it every day as soon as it becomes damp) and preserved in a plastic or glass container, in fact it is better to remove them from the isothermal box with which they are shipped. They can stay this way in the fridge for 5-7 days. 


The bianchetto truffle must be brushed, removing only the excess quantity of earth, since this one still protects our truffle from the loss of aroma. In fact, it will be better to clean the product under running water only when using it. Finally we can cut it into very thin slices, if possible with the appropriate "truffle-slicer".

In the kitchen : The best version of bianchetto is cooked, sautéed in a pan, to make the most of its taste and aroma. Usually we also slice a little raw on top of the hot dish, the quantity we like. This type of truffle goes very well with first courses, meat, "bruschette" and omelettes. For those who like it, butter (perhaps truffle savored) can also be added together with the Whitish truffle. 

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