Bendecit eggs with truffle and tomino fondue

Bendecit eggs with truffle and tomino fondue

Vegetarian - Brunch ideas 

Difficulty : Medium 

Preparation : 40 minutes

Cooking : 45 Min

Doses for : 2 people

Cost : High

If you want to surprise your other half with a rich breakfast-lunch perhaps to have in bed for calmly enjoy it, this is perfect! And with a pinch of seduction even more : small flakes of truffle, which could prove to be an excellent idea for an homemade meal! 

INGREDIENTSfor two portions

  • Red potatoes 300 g
  • Clarified butter to taste
  • Organic eggs : 2
  • Salt to taste 
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Breadsticks 100 g

For the spinach

  • Spinach 150 g
  • Butter 10 g
  • Garlic 1
  • Salt to taste

For the poached eggs 

  • Very fresh eggs 2
  • White wine vinegar 2 tablespoons
  • Coarse salt to taste

For the fondue

  • Tomini 1
  • Fresh liquid cream to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Black truffle to taste

PREPARATION How to prepare benedict eggs with truffle and tomino fondue

To prepare bendict eggs with truffle and tomino fondue, start by washing the potatoes under running water to remove any soil residue. Then place them in a pan, cover with water, and cook them (it will take about 30 minutes from boiling). Prick them with the tines of a fork to see if they are cooked. While the potatoes are cooking, wash and dry the spinach well. 

Then in a large pan, heat butter and one clove of peeled whole garlic. When the butter has melted, you can pour in the spinach 2, stir occasionally 3 until they are wilted : it will take a few minutes. Once ready, remove the garlic 4 and keep them aside. Then, place the breadsticks 5 in a clean, dry cloth, close the cloth on itself and crumble them by pressing and beating on the work surface 6, until you obtain coarse crumbs 7. In another small bowl, pour the eggs and beat them slightly. Set aside; now that the potatoes are cooked, still hot, mash them 8-9 (if you don't have potato masher, peel them and use a food mill or o fork). Salt and pepper the potatoes 10; work the potatoes with a spatula 11, then take a 10 cm square pastry cutter and place half the amount of puree inside it 12, compact well then turn out

13. Repeat the operation with the other half. Dip the squares obtained first in the egg on both sides 14, then in the crumbled breadsticks making sure they adhere well on all sides 15. Once finished 16 keep the squares aside. Move on to preparing the poached eggs. Pour some water into another pan, leaving 4-5 cm from the edge. Add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar 17. Turn on the medium heat, add the coarse salt 18. Turn on the heat, heat everything and mix vigorously with a whisk 19, create a vortex into which you will have to pour the egg 20. Help yourself with a slotted spoon so that the white completely covers the yolk, it will take 4-5 minutes of cooking. 

Then delicately drain egg 21 and proceed with the other one too. Keep the poached eggs aside. 

In a large pan, heat the clarified butter, 22, once melted you should have about 1.5 cm of liquid in the pan. When it is hot, pour in the croquette and fry it on both sides : 3-4 minutes in total (23-24) will be enough. 

Remove the excess oil by placing the golden croquette on a sheet of kitchen paper 25. Proceed in the same way with the other one. Now it's time to make the tomino fondue : remove the outer peel of the tomino cheese 26, cut the soft part into cubes 27 then pour the cubes into an already hot pan and let them melt over a low heat; to help melting and create a delicious cream, add the cream 28, mix with a whisk until you obtain a creamy consistency 29. Place a potato croquette, half a dose of spinach 30, the poached egg 31 on a serving plate and the tomino fondue 32. Finish with some sliced truffle 33. Proceed in the same way for comp. 

Your benedict eggs with truffle and tomino fondue are ready to be served for your lovely brunch!


Poached eggs can be kept just long enough to finish preparation. They should not be stored in the fridge or freezer!


You can intensify the flavor of the black truffle by toasting it briefly in a pan with a knob of butter before decorating. 


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