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Frozen Italian "TUBER Aestivum" Standard Class Summer Precious black truffle

Type of product: Frozen
Truffle Class: STANDARD CLASS. Mixed selection of small to medium size. Small cuts. Regular and irregular shapes. Defined marbling and perceivable aroma.
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Unlike other companies, our company collect and treat frozen truffles in a different way.

How else can frozen truffles be treated? Most importers receive and distribute frozen truffles from truffle producers. That way, the unit price may be cheaper, but it is difficult to determine in what condition the truffles imported from abroad were frozen.

CREATIVA receives truffles in their original state from truffles hunters, we check the condition ourselves, and only freeze the good ones. In this way, frozen truffles can also be kept in good quality. And it is a truffle that looks good, not a sliced or ruined one.

Our Frozen truffles has rich flavor due to the methodical way we freeze only mature pieces of truffles and it can be stored for more than 9 months and can be used without burden by being frozen in good condition.

Standard Class:

- Mixed selection of small to medium size

- Small cuts

- Regular and irregular shapes

- Defined marbling and perceivable aroma.

Appearance: Externally, the Scorzone has many similarities with the precious black truffle, starting from the peridium studded with small pyramidal warts and characterized by rounded and irregular shapes. The differences between the two species are more marked in the internal fleshy part, the gleba, which in the summer truffle has a color ranging from hazelnut to dirty yellow, sometimes with even lighter tones, and is furrowed with whitish veins. The dimensions of the Scorzone are very variable, and can range from five to fifteen centimeters of the largest specimens.


Flavor and aroma: The scent of the summer truffle is less intense than that of the prized black truffle, more delicate and tending to take on fungal aromas. These characteristics make the Scorzone smell very pleasant.

Like the prized black truffle, the summer truffle is also loved for its flavor. The scorzone has a strong but not too intense flavor that vaguely recalls porcini mushrooms. The delicacy and pleasantness of the flavor make it a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen, where it lends itself to multiple combinations. The black summer truffle has that characteristic "gas" flavor much less present, a characteristic that makes it highly appreciated by those who do not like this strong flavor, characteristic of almost all other types of truffles.

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